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Drone and Steadicam

There are tools I use in shooting videos that add an extra dimension to the shot. A drone not only gives nice smooth shots but as you you know you can get up high. Steadicams give that extra smooth footage, it frees you up from being on a tripod and gives you smoother shots than a gimbal, and for me as an operator allows it to be held for a lot longer than a gimbal. Yes, I do use a gimbal as well.

Next time you are thinking about the shots you want it's good to consider that your subject can move and the camera can move with them. I find some people are more comfortable being able to move around.

With every drone shoot I do a full risk assessment to comply with the CAA and provide you with the documentation and any permission forms you need. I will liaise on your behalf to get any permissions needed from the authorities such as the CAA, NATS, local police, Air Traffic Control and heliports.

Aside from video and photography with a creative hat on, I also do building and roof inspections. This is very handy, quick and safe before having to get ladders and scaffolding to check it out.

hold the A2 CofC qualification.

I am insured

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