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Hi there, I’m Gary

I best describe myself as a trainer who helps people like you work with technology to help you get what you want. Whether it is to help with your job or just make day to day task easier.

I have lots of free content or you can have private tuition online.

Gary Schwartz

Selfie taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


I have always been interested in technology and enjoy sharing and teaching people how to use it. This took me into engineering and also film production. I both I enjoyed showing people how things work and how to get the best results. 


I like to make it as simple to understand as possible and it is great when I see people achieving what they set out to do and more.

Photography and video are also a passion and have the good fortune of working as a professional in those industries where I can not only be creative but put my engineering skills to good use to solve problems, it is this same problem solving I use when helping you.


Bachelor of Engineering


My degree is in Ceramic Engineering. Think of it as material engineering but specialising in ceramic materials that includes everything from glass and china to advanced ceramic materials such as Space Shuttle tiles and optical fibre

Diploma in Film & TV Production and Direction


This diploma gave me an understanding of all the areas of production and directing including scripting, cinematography, sound recording and editing.


  • English

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